Welcome our newest team member!

We are excited to have Hassanatou Barry join Carefully as our Community and Events Manager. In this role, she will manage member relations and continue to develop a more extensive community within the Carefully App.

In her own words...

Childcare has always come natural to me! As a young teenager, I gravitated towards babysitting due to my upbringing surrounded by my nieces and nephews from my large West African family. Everyday was an adventure in learning to care for a child, understanding their temper tantrums, how to change a diaper, potty training and so much more.  I was molded into becoming the childcare expert I am today!

Childcare has secretly been at the forefront of a movement for change in our society. I have been fortunate enough to be a part of this change throughout my career thus far. As Founder of The Babysitter Guru, I saw the need for dialogue amongst current and aspiring babysitters to receive the resources needed to become great childcare professionals. After founding my company, the remainder of my roles catapulted into this rewarding career within the childcare industry. 

Whether it’s making a difference for one babysitter or several, my dream is to create an impact within the childcare industry as a whole.

My new role as the Community and Events Manager at Carefully, is to create an interactive space where members can feel welcomed and understood when it comes to their childcare needs. I am delighted to embark on this journey with you all and excited to see your vibrant interaction on the Carefully App. 

Carefully is excited to welcome Hassanatou to the team!