Community Spotlight: Nueva York Kiddos, Yne Leal

Nueva York Kiddos is a Spanish School for kids that has the mission to offer a warm, happy environment where students learn through creative and fun hands-on projects. We expose our students to different cultures and embrace diversity, kindness, individuality and teamwork as well.

Let's hear from the director and lead teacher Yne Leal of Nueva York Kiddos.

What do you love the most about being a parent?
I absolutely love spending time with my daughter, seeing her evolve as an independent, kind and creative individual, going to places and having fun together. My favorite moments are the ones when she is affectionate. She is a pre-teen and it does not happen as often as it used to be.

What’s your biggest struggle as a parent?
Nowadays my biggest struggle as a parent is working from home and being fully present for my daughter at all times. I often have a long "to do list" in the back of my mind and it is challenging to disconnect from responsibilities. Mindfulness is a work in progress...

How is Carefully helping you as a parent and/or as a small business owner?
Carefully has helped me and my business connect to parents and families in a very safe manner. We use Carefully Groups to organize our after school classes and connect parents with each other for pickups and playdates.

What does community mean to you?
Community is what makes you feel that you are at home. I love how engaging, diverse and kind the North Brooklyn community is! I love getting recommendations from people that are part of my community, since we belong to the same place and have things in common in most cases.

How do you find and connect with new people in a new/unfamiliar place?
Visiting new places, participating in classes, community events and forcing myself to be as social as possible.

Tell us about your business, Nueva York Kiddos, and how people can participate locally and virtually if they aren't in NYC.
Kids can join our after-school classes, summer camp, "at your home" private and semi-private classes in Greenpoint and Williamsburg. We offer online private and semi-private Spanish lessons as well. We only promote our programs through community media channels. Our school has grown a lot because of the word of mouth of families within our community. I am deeply grateful for it.

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