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Playdates with karma
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What is Carefully?

Helping your family find balance

Carefully is an easy way to build a network of parents you know and trust to share care and provide mutual aid, redefining the traditional ‘care circle’ model for the digital age. Carefully understands finding, organizing, and paying for childcare can be a challenge. We’re connecting parents with their friends, families, and communities to create a safe and free option for childcare that’s fun for the kids!

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The Carefully Community

Carefully is designed to expand your network beyond your inner circle and build connected communities of parents, neighbors, small businesses and local organizations who can support each other when they need it most by sharing care, learning together, or simply having a little more fun.

Working parents

Working parents

Families come in all shapes and sizes and you are the heart of our community. Stay-at-home parents, working parents, essential workers, single parents and other caregivers have their unique challenges but also the ability to support each other through the common struggles and joys of everyday life with kids.

Childcare co-ops

Childcare co-ops

Whether you call it a pod, a bubble, a quaranteam, a group, or a co-op, Carefully supports you through a private space to connect. We understand that people are focused on new solutions to help them through the changing dynamics of school and childcare, and we’re working hard to make sure our platform supports these needs too.

Small businesses

Small businesses

We partner with small businesses to engage with their existing communities and neighborhoods to expand their reach, grow their business, and give back to the Carefully community through deals and discounts that reward our members for their contributions.

Why Carefully?

More playdates

More play dates

Your kids get to play with friends they know and love.

More time

More free time

While the kids are entertained, cross one more thing off your list, or just treat yourself.

Less drama

Less drama

Easily connect and coordinate with other parents (built with busy parents in mind).


The changing face of childcare

We’re at a pivotal moment in society where our government, employers, and families from different backgrounds, races, ethnicities, and socio-economic classes have recognized that we are in the midst of a childcare crisis, and are calling for change. The cost of childcare has long been unsustainable for many families, and we’re finally seeing an increase in the pace of change and innovation due to the current crisis. Carefully sees this as an opportunity to more deeply integrate a sharing economy into the culture of childcare, helping families reconnect with and support their communities, establishing a cost effective childcare solution, and providing opportunities for individuals and small businesses to thrive.

Carefully Logo

“Carefully is taking the community spirit and care models that were vital to our lives for so many years and using technology to reimagine and reignite childcare in a way that is sustainable, affordable, and rewarding.”

- Leslie, Founder/CEO

-Bill Bishop, Author

-SIA, Staffing Industry Analysts

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